Five Pawns eJuice

In as far as vaped juices are concerned, Five pawns e juice ranks among the best. With several great flavors under their name, the company enjoys many positive reviews from satisfied clients. The name five pawn symbolizes the first five flavors that ushered them into the industry and “pawn” which the dictionary defines as someone or something being used or manipulated to further someone else’s purpose. This is how the developers see their products – as pawns.

Making of the juices
Five pawns prides itself in making all their products by hand. This may be time consuming but the results are certainly befitting. Unless it is perfect, no liquid leaves the facility. There is always a batch of 275 30ml bottles being released per lot. Food grade ingredients and the best pharmaceutical grade nicotine are the main commodities used to make the juices. For the purpose of flavor, additional ingredients are sourced from different places and included. The ratio of the e-liquid is usually 50-50 PG/VG. However, nicotine dosage varies from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, to 18mg.

The flavors
When it comes to the flavors, we have the signature series which was the pioneer and the mixology edition. In total, there are ten different flavors to pick from.

The signature series
Here we have the absolute pin, gambit, grandmaster, queenside, and bowden’s mate. All these juices look and taste amazingly different. The gambit for instance must have been made for the dessert loving clients. It has a mix of yellow and orange and smells like caramel apple and vanilla cream. The taste is very similar to its smell.

caramelBowden’s mate has a subtle chocolate look. The smell is that of mint while chocolate and vanilla can be felt too. Menthol and mint lovers will love its taste. The grandmaster looks faint orange, has the smell of peanut butter and banana while it tastes like peanut butter, caramel and banana. Absolute pin looks like a pear-tinted yellow, has the smell of black licorice, cinnamon, and other spices. When inhaled, one gets the taste of black licorice, caramel and cream, and cinnamon when exhaling. Lastly, queenside is dark orange, smells of orange and vanilla, and tastes like bitter orange and vanilla cream.

When starting, it is advisable to start with e-liquids that have small amounts of nicotine dosage then work your way up. Eventually you will settle for a dosage that satisfies your nicotine cravings. It is considered the best way to say goodbye to tobacco.

Information about vaping is available allover. To decipher what is reliable and what is not can be very hard. Conducting a thorough and extensive research is important. Every day is a learning experience. Before jumping onto new products that are brought into the market, ascertain their validity and safety.

As we move forward, Five pawns e-juice are set to become the leading e-liquid manufacturers. To buy your own flavor of Five Pawns make your way over to It is amazing to see what they have accomplished in the few years they have been around. For vaping enthusiast, it is a matter of anticipating what they will come up with in their next batch release.